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    Are you looking for a vintage-style car plate for your vehicle? Do you want to upgrade your vehicle and want to show off antique aesthetics in public? Car Plate deals in the best quality car plates that are customized according to the customer’s choice. We are selling vintage car plates for years, and many customers recommend us for transparent and reliable services.

    You can also get your desired car plate number from us. Let us know your preference, and we will get back to you with a unique style that will impact others to a great extent.


    Why Choose Us For Vintage Car Plate?

    Car lovers desire to customize every part of their car so that the car can stand out from others. From minor accessories to the design, everything is upgraded to make it eye-catching and appealing. It gives a different experience to the driver when the vehicle is taken on the roads for a drive. is one of the accessories that grab the attention of every person in public. Whether it is a usual license number plate or a stylish one, it makes the car worth looking at. So, why not investing in a most luxurious style that can add a spark to your car? is one of the professional car plate selling platforms that understand your desire and come up with exquisite designs that look perfect on the car. No matter what color or font you want, we help you to get the best vintage car plate of your choice.

    No one in the town can provide you with the highest quality car plates at an affordable price. We have a number of designs that you can choose from. However, we also entertain personalized requirements to achieve customer satisfaction and long term loyalty.

    Get in touch with us right now, and you will be offered the best quote for your required car number plate.

    We Are Affordable And A Perfect Choice For Your Car Upgrade!

    Car Plate sells the best vintage car plate in Singapore that is worth paying for. We have a huge collection of vintage styles that are priced at minimal cost and will not let you break the bank. Our professional design team have years of experience in designing quality license number plates, which are flawless and attractive.

    Let’s not go with the mainstream number plate for your car because when there is a style, there will be eyes finding you too. So, make your car stand out from the ordinaries and pay for our services. We will give your license number plate a new look that will leave everyone in wow. Our vintage car plate Singapore are embossed with quality aluminium and also includes other enameled handmade materials, which perfectly meets your expectations.

    Buy your favourite number plate from us now in the design of your choice.


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